Hi, I'm Ben Weldon, brand based creative, accidental entrepreneur.

"I don't think anyone sets out to become a creative, we all start that way and choose not to be as we grow up"

I arrived in Shanghai back in 2006, with no idea that I would quickly become the creative director of my own agency, Thread Design. Over the years we've grown and evolved with China. I lead my team specialising in helping brands find their market, define a voice, and create branded experiences for their customers.

Before China, I traveled the world for two years funding my way by picking up freelance design and development projects, flash animations and design gigs.

I picked up these skills working in London during the .com boom 2000 - 2003 and the digital agency, Gurus. They gave me a job partly due to my degree in advertising, but mostly because i'd promised them I could build website for the BBC with a live voting system, in 1 month, despite having never programmed in my life.

Should you be interested in identity theft, you can find me here.

Podcast interview

Feeling like a celebrity thanks to Alex Greenberg over at Shanghai Observed. His words not mine "Ben is an avid traveler and board member for the Entrepreneurs Organisation. He runs triathlons and has plenty to share about his experiences in China starting a company that has withheld the test of time".

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Founder and CEO of Thread Design. Connect with me on Linkedin if you'd like to get in touch.

Thread Design (an Agency in Shanghai

My company since 2006.
Born and raised in China, come check out the website if you're interested on what we do.


October 30, 2017 Every company likes to do some kind of team building retreat, we made a horror movie. Obviously. Watch Thread’s Dead on YouTube / Watch Thread’s Dead on QQ

10 Years!

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